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VarnaLab is currently:

Last updated:
05.07.2022, 22:30

Who's at VarnaLab?

  • unidentified


  • Room 1 - 27.5 °C
  • Room 2 - 27.4 °C
Last updated:
05.07.2022, 21:19

Treat us with:


Donations and Membership fee

Please choose donation amount (pay by card using myPOS):

Please choose membership fee amount (pay by card using myPOS):

If you want to donate by bank transfer please use
IBAN BG37INTF40015013262595 (currency is BGN)
and fill “VarnaLab” in the “Receiver” field.

Monthly donations

With Patreon you can support VarnaLab with monthly donations between €2 и €25.

Learn more at

Information and goals

What do we use the funds for?

Paying all VarnaLab running costs and maintenance fees so we could keep this independent physical space alive.

In case we can not pay the running costs this would mean that VarnaLab should be closed.

All the other money are used to evolve VarnaLab and all the activities related to it.

Which payment method should I choose?

  • With card using myPOS, simply choose the amount from the drop-downs above.
  • In Patreon at (monthly donation).
  • With bank transfer in BGN currency - use IBAN BG37INTF40015013262595 and fill “VarnaLab” in the “Receiver” field.
  • Using this PayPal link
  • In cash, simply give them to the cashier in VarnaLab.
  • or leave them in the “donations box” wrapped in a paper having your name on it.

We would be grateful if you specify the details below if you're paying with bank transfer:

  • “Donation” <em>or</em> “Donation for… [what you're donating for]” (if you're donating)
  • “Membership fee 2018-01 John Doe” (if you're paying membership fee)

How much is the membership fee?

It solely depends on everybody's own decision - there is no minimum or maximum fee but it is usually between 10 BGN and 50 BGN. Most of the people using VarnaLab as co-working space usually pay 50 BGN because most of the money are spent to pay the rent and electricity.

Donations to NGO and non-profit organizations bring tax deduction for legal entities (companies)

In order to get the tax deduction legal entities should make bank transfer and specify “Donation” in the “Description” field (additional information about the donation could also be added)

This bank statement is official document that could be used to claim the tax deduction. If needed, we could prepare donation certificate/receipt or sign a donation contract.

Can I donate goods and things?

Of course, just make sure they are useful for VarnaLab. These things could be furniture, appliances, tools, materials, consumables, etc.

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